Bad Apple Soy Candle - Hot Apple Butter Scented

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Bad Apple Soy Candle - Hot Apple Butter Scented
Bad Apple Soy Candle - Hot Apple Butter Scented

"Bad Apple" - A creamy and sweet apple butter fragrance with a hint of tart and notes of cinnamon and caramel. Hand-poured, extra scented and 100% vegan.

Fragrance Profile:
• Top: tart apples
• Mid: sweetened milk, cinnamon, clove
• Base: butter, pie crust

10oz | 3" wide x 4" high | Burn time: 80-90 hours 


All candles are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure that each product is given the care and attention needed for a beautifully smelling, smooth burning product. Using only the highest quality soy wax and fragrance oils, our candles burn slow and smell amazing. One scented candle is enough to fill up an entire room with a gorgeous aroma that even lasts for hours after the candle is blown out
Why Choose Soy Candles?
1. Soy candles are better for you and for the environment: unlike paraffin candles which are made of petroleum oil and emit higher levels of C02, soy candles are made from vegetable oil and are a great healthier option. Soy candles are also non-toxic and do not emit known carcinogens like it’s paraffin counterparts.
2. Soy candles burn up to 50% longer than traditional candles: even though soy candles can be more expensive than paraffin or beeswax candles, they are more cost effective in the long-run because they burn twice as long. Our 10oz candles burn up to 90 hours each! 
3. Soy candles burn cleaner: soy candles produce much less black soot than paraffin candles, which can stain walls, furniture, and art.
4. Soy candles small great! Due to their lower flash point, soy candles smell stronger and the scent lasts longer than traditional candles.